IPTV / DooH 3D

The shackles have been removed. 3D without glasses opens a whole new world of IPTV (Internet TV) and advertising possibilities. Technology is evolving at incredible speed. Our services offer a secure and reliable delivery to subscribers, providing an incredible 3D experience, along with traditional 2D entertainment video and related services. Our IPTV services includes enhanced Live TV, Video On-Demand (VOD) and Interactive TV (ITV). Audio-Visual Streams can easily be injected and viewed into the existing network and infrastructure.

Content Production Studio

3D Content Production and Conversion is Easy, Efficient & Cost Effective. With in-house production studio operations in Hollywood, California, Miami, Florida, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, along with our growing network of "XES3D certified" independent production studios, XES3D converts and creates a variety of 3D Auto-Stereoscopic content to meet your needs.

Business Solutions

XES3D Technologies are used to enhance an array of existing products, services, and devices across many industries including the following: In-Home Media, Digital Out-of-Home Advertising & Merchandising, IPTV Networks, Education, Sports & Entertainment, Gaming, Exploration & Mining, Medical, Military, Security & Surveillance, and more.


XES is a 3D technology company, providing 3D solutions that meet today's global business and consumer demand. Our technologies enable viewers to see an array of content with incredible clarity and coloration, in 3D Without Glasses.
  • 1998

    The beginning...

    The development of our 3D Without Glasses was started back in 1998, through extensive research, development and investment. Led by our company's founder, Mr. Fernando Dalmau, the initial 3D technologies were created not for commercial purposes, but instead for humanitarian and medical applications. This however took our company down a different path than others in the field, leading the company to develop precision medical applications, providing surgeons with a glassless (low eye strain) 3D theater for diagnostic and surgical procedures.

  • 2005

    New horizons in 2005

    Having achieved this success, from 2005-2010, the company pioneered broader commercial applications: Autostereoscopy for flat screen 3D monitors and 3D projection.

  • 2008

    Taking things to the next level

    During this time, our team of technologists, led by our CTO Mr. Kenson Magny, and CVO Ms. Melissa Dalmau, developed a suite of 3D solution based technologies, enabling the use of 3D without glasses technologies across an array of devices and applications.

  • 2012

    Showing the world

    Importantly, our technologies enable the delivery of 3D without glasses to devices worldwide, via the internet. Today our 3D without glasses technologies are used for broad commercial applications, including IPTV applications, Media Traffic Management, 3D Streaming, "Live on-the-fly" and 3D conversion processes, and more.

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